Hey Colorado Springs,

Welcome to CycStrength! CycStrength’s certified coaches have built a circuit-style strength program designed to build strength and improve mobility one rep at a time, all while keeping the CycCommunity our Northstar. It’s time to unclip and lift!

Always Cyced!

  • CycStrength

    Rotating between Power and Endurance classes, CycStrength is expertly crafted to push your physical and mental boundaries in a safe and encouraging environment, one rep at a time.

    Power classes include shorter sets and explosive movements designed to spike your heart rate.

    Strength classes are built on longer sets designed to build muscle.

  • CycCommunity

    We built a studio and you make it special.

    At Cyc, we’ve always had a special place in our hearts for downtown Colorado Springs — follow us for pop-up community events and other integrations in the downtown community.

  • CycCoach

    All of our CycCoaches are certified Personal Trainers, giving them the expertise to guide your fitness journey.

  • First Lift On Us!

    Applies to current members and nonmembers of Cycology Studio — must be a local resident.

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